Paperless Real Estate Smartphones

In addition to your desktop, notebook and tablet you can also access our web based Paperless Real Estate Office Solutions from your web enabled smartphone! We have performed hands on testing with various smartphones from numerous vendors to ensure compatibility. So regardless or the smartphone you choose, your documents will be accessible and you can even sign contracts! We have listed a few of the top rated devices along with some benefits of smartphones. Like tablets and computers, each offers a different operating system and user interface. Try them first, to determine which one feels more natural for day to day use. If you would like to purchase one of these smartphones, please contact our sales department.


HTC EVO 4G for Sprint - The Android HTC EVO 4G is the nation's first 4G smartphone. The impressive 4.3" display features pinch-to-zoom capability and is one of the largest and most crisp on the market and is fully customizable with widgets and apps from the Android Market.

DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC for Verizon Wireless - The DROID INCREDIBLE is the eagerly anticipated Android 2.2 phone from HTC for Verizon Wireless. Make it uniquely yours by customizing with Android Market's thousands of apps and widgets.

T-Mobile myTouch 4G Black for T-Mobile - The myTouch 4G for T-Mobile is the newest addition to the myTouch lineup. Running on Android 2.2 operating system, you can customize to your heart's content. With ground-breaking speed and exclusive features, the myTouch 4G is a premium smartphone.

Samsung Captivate for AT&T - The Samsung Captivate I897 for AT&T is one of the thinnest Android smartphones available and part of the Samsung Galaxy Series. Movies, videos, and games come to life like never before on Captivate's brilliant 4" Super AMOLED touch display, even outdoors.

Reasons to Own a Smartphone

There are many unique reasons why any professional would own a smartphone. Below you will find a list detailing a few of these reasons.

Get Some Real Work Done

These days most business professionals rely on their smartphone to get real work done! Sending e-mail and booking appointments are just a few of the things any smartphone can do. It's like having a phone and personal digital assistant all rolled up into one. If you find yourself on the road or out of the office a lot, these devices can be life savers. The more popular devices have a plethora of apps available to help make work on the go a little easier. View spreadsheets, presentations, take notes, enter time sheets... All of this and more is available at your finger tips!

Apps Galore

As we mentioned before, the more popular platforms and devices all have plenty of apps to help with many work related tasks. For example, Apple's App Store has more than 200,000 apps and Android Market has more than 60,000. Not all are work related, but many are.

The mobile Internet at your finger tips

In recent years, the mobile/cellular industry has made vast improvements in overall bandwidth and individual device throughput. New revisions of 3G data service from all major US carriers has given rise to a huge increase in the number of smartphones used to access the Internet. In turn, more and more websites have begun offering mobile versions of their sites to assist with on-screen formatting on these smaller devices. Also, the newest devices have begun featuring 4G data connectivity. Comparatively speaking, 3G data is like dial-up and 4G data is like home broadband. Most devices also offer Wi-Fi connectivity so you can utilize the nearest hot spot if need be.

Bigger And Better Displays

As data connectivity increases, so does the size and quality of the display screens these devices use. Devices from Apple using the new "retina display" along with other devices using Super AMOLED screens are by far the best on mobile devices to date!

Better Touchscreens

Technology has increased tremendously over the past several years when it comes to touch screens. With both better sensitivity and accuracy, today's touchscreens are miles ahead of devices introduced a few years ago.

Landscape If You Please

Different users have different preferences. Some like portrait view and some like landscape. Good news is that most smartphones will rotate the display on the fly based on how you hold it. That means that with a quick rotation, you can view that presentation or spreadsheet in landscape!

Real Operating Systems

What helps make a smartphone smart? The operating system that runs on it! This is one thing that helps to differentiate smartphones from other low end or midrange devices. It's this very foundation that provides the building blocks to allow the user to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. On a low end or midrange device, you could only perform one task at a time. Being able to multi-task on your smartphone is like having a small computer in the palm of your hand!