Paperless Real Estate Online Document Storage

Our web based Paperless Real Estate Office Solutions can help store your documents online! Our web based document storage solution is both simple and easy to use! It works just like an online filing cabinet, allowing you to upload scanned documents and file them for easy access! You can even access these documents anywhere you go on your mobile device! Our solution will help increase productivity (no paper filing) and save office space (no actual filing cabinets) at the same time!

Quick Access to Documents Helps Reduce Costs

Spend less time searching for important information and more time getting things done. The average office clerk spends hundreds of hours a year searching for missing or misfiled paperwork.

Frees Up Valuable Office Space

Use your valuable office space for more important things than stacks of paperwork and filing cabinets. Free space and reduce clutter at the same time.

Increase Security and Make Sharing Easier

By storing your files online in a password protected encrypted vault, you increase your security and reduce risks of unauthorized access to private information. At the same time, you can send copies of any document to people who need access without ever having to use complicated sharing methods.

Make Company Growth Easier to Handle

If efforts are not made to transition to a paperless system, the paper problem begins growing exponentially as the company grows. The sooner you address the problem, the easier it is to handle.

Access Your Information Anywhere

Stop having to shuffle paperwork and electronic files back and forth. All your information is available to you from any web enabled PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet.

Less Paper In

Start accepting forms electronically and stop having to re-key in information. Just another way to save time and money.

Less Paper Out

Stop printing everything out and start sending more information electronically. It will end up saving money and the environment at the same time!

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