Paperless Real Estate Office Solutions

Our web based Paperless Real Estate Office Solutions will help you reduce costs and increase efficiency! Years of experience working with Real Estate Offices has allowed us to create a comprehensive software solution that goes where you go! Manage properties, attach documents, track lockboxes, view the agent roster and more! All in one web based solution that works on the most popular web browsers, smartphones and tablets.

Secure Instant Access Anytime

Stop having to remember where you put that file, because now it's all in one place. Need a document? Jump online and log into our secure website to gain instant access to all your docs, even when you're at home or out on the road! Don't have a computer handy? Our web base paperless solution has been designed from the ground up to work on all major tablets and smartphones.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profit

One of the biggest benefits to our web based Paperless Real Estate Office Solution is the amount of time and money it will save you! As soon as you start using it, the time saving becomes apparent. Reduce the amount of time spent tracking down paperwork! Instead, spend it increasing your bottom line!

Increase Productivity

When we setup your office, part of the process involves converting existing interoffice forms to fillable PDF documents. These are then uploaded to the website to be securely accessed anytime. If required, these forms can be downloaded and printed manually. The real benefit comes in when agents start filling out these forms online and having their client's sign them digitally. Most offices have multiple forms with duplicate information. Instead of the agent filling out each form by hand, our system pre-populates all the forms that were selected with as much information as it can. Then the agent and client work to fill in the remaining fields. Once each form is filled out, the client signs the document and moves onto the next form. This setup provides a significant reduction in time spent filling out paperwork. That means agents spend more time selling houses!

Streamline Workflow

Tired of having to contact different people in the office to find out where your transaction is in the review process? Well now, you don't have to! Receive instant e-mail and SMS text notifications as your transaction moves through the workflow process. This saves everyone time and reduces unnecessary phone calls and e-mails.

Easy to Use

We have spent a lot of time developing this application to minimize manual entry, double entry and at the same time make it easy to use. As many options as possible are provided through drop down boxes and radio buttons. This reduces the need to use the keyboard and makes using a tablet or smartphone extremely easy!

Minimize Mistakes

As mentioned earlier, the system will pre-fill all selected office forms with as much information as it has available. This helps save time, but also helps reduce chances of misspellings and other mistakes. In the long run, less mistakes and double entry, means fewer lawsuits.

Affordable Cost

Since this is an online solution, we made it an affordable solution. No need to purchase a server or setup an expensive network in your home or office. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone. With office packages starting as little as $100/month and individual agents starting at $25/month. The more agents you have the less expensive it is per agent. Contact our sales department for more details.

Huge ROI

With low startup and low monthly costs, our paperless real estate solution offers the highest ROI. Transition management, paperless operation, integrated workflow, lockbox management, agent roster, phone duty, office calendar are just a few of the features this software can bring to the table. Modernize your office and choose Real Estate Paperless Solutions today!

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